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• Owner: Nikie
• Online: August 21, 2007
• Subject: Reba McEntire
• Domain: oklahoma-girl.org
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About the Site:

In 2007, I created Oklahoma Girl as a fanlisting for Reba. I started expanding it little by little until it became a fansite. The fanlisting is no longer but the fansite has lived through. The site contains over 20,000 images, the largest on the web, a full function video vault with over 100 videos, lyric archive, career archive, and an icon archive for forums, tumblrs, twitters, etc. It is the largest website known for Reba on the web at the moment. We just celebrated our 10th years on the web.

About the owner:

I’m a 28 year old female. I’ve been creating websites since 2004. I own fansites for other actors/actresses/musicians. You can view them at Broken Dreams.

Site Credits:

This site uses WordPress, Icon Archive, Coppermine, Photoshop, Kaci’s Lyric Archive and Monica’s Plugins.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Are you affiliated with Reba McEntire?
No, we are just a fansite devoted to her.

Do you know Reba or her family?
No, I don’t know Reba or her family.

Can I use the photos on the site?
Depends, mostly for fanart. It takes time and money to find all photos on the site. So, if you take one of the photos, be sure to credit the site.

Can I donated to the site?
Absolutely, if you have a photos, videos, icons or anything that Miranda. I would to feature it on the site. You can send them to my email.