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Welcome to Oklahoma Girl, your high resource for country music artist and actress Reba McEntire. You mostly know Reba from her country music career but she is also an actress. Her roles ranges from her hit television show "Reba" to movie roles such as Tremors and Forever Love. She is a writer and has her own line of clothes, shoes, housewares and now make-up. You will find the latest news on Reba, a photo gallery containing over 10,000 pictures, a video archive and much more. Please have a look around and enjoy the site.
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I’ve added 49 HQ from Reba visiting AOL Build Series to discuss her newest album “Sing It Now”. I hope y’all enjoy and will be adding more appearances soon!

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances from 2017: Feb 06 | AOL Build Series Discussing New Album

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